Relief printing

I have been retired for twelve years and now live in the West Norfolk Fenland where I make prints, fish for pike and perch, shoot and walk our two Parson Jack Russell Terriers. I print linocuts and woodcuts on a Hopkinson & Cope Improved Albion Press Number 5615 that was made in 1876. The press is totally original apart from one replacement bolt that had to be specially made as a replacement for the original that cracked. My prints fall into three rather broad areas and can be categorised as Fenland Landscape, Narrative and Football. The Narrative and Football categories are mainly subjects from the North East of England where I was born and cover the industrial landscape of the area and Middlesbrough Football Club, a club I have supported all my life, although sometimes I do wonder why. There will also be a section for Terriers and another one for Cards. The printed editions that I produce are usually quite short runs, around ten to fifteen prints and the vast majority of those are of the Fenland landscape and the big Fenland skies where I live. I also write another blog about life in West Norfolk, fishing and Parson Jack Russell Terriers at