North East industrial prints

A print inspired by work in some of my art school sketchbooks showing the industrial landscape of the North East of England and Middlesbrough and Teesside in particular. Two workmen, or ‘gadgies’ as we used to call them as children, near the ‘Black Path’ in Middlesbrough having been out with their terriers on a ratting expedition around the docks. I’m convinced that seeing these little terriers as a child, we had a black and white Jack Russell who was my best friend when I was a toddler, and then as an art student inspired my love for Jack Russells in particular and all the other numerous terrier breeds too. The Borders, Patterdales, Lakeland, Bedlington, Staffordshire, Fox Terriers and many, many others, inevitably most of them could start a fight with their own shadow so god help any rats that were unwise or careless enough to cross their path.

The Black Path.  Linocut printed in four colours on 300gsm White Arches 88 paper in an edition of ten. Image size 210mm x 280mm. £120.00

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