Fenland prints

Although the Fenland landscape figures prominently in these two prints it is weather phenomena that is the real subject of both of them. We were driving alongside the Sixteen Foot Drain one fine and clear morning when we noticed the landscape disappearing about three hundred yards away over the opposite bank in a roughly northerly direction as a massive bank of fog rolled in. Within five minutes we were totally enveloped in a damp white blanket with only twenty yard visibility. The second print is simply a sunset and the one thing that we do see in Fenland are spectacular sunsets whatever the season but unless you are called Whistler, Turner or are the re-incarnation of an French Impressionist you never get them right. You just have to keep trying.

Sixteen Foot fog. Linocut in five colours printed on Fabriano Artistico Extra White HP. Image size 210mm x 300mm. £75.00

Fen sunset. Linocut in seven colours printed on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico extra White HP. Image size 210mm x 300mm

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