Boro football prints

An early football print from the series based on Television commentator’s cliches, in this case ‘Jimmy pulls the trigger’. This print is about is about kids playing football in the street. Do they still do that? More often than not the cry from householders was go and play on a field but in most cases they were private and had watchman or ‘gadgie’ to chase them off. Anyway there’s nothing quite as satisfying as the thwack of a football on a brick wall or fence, the enraged house- owner was just a bonus or a diversion and the players were too quick for him to catch them. They just moved on to another make-believe arena before returning later. I remember once coming home for the vacation from art-school and seeing some kids who lived opposite playing football using their gateway as the goal. I shouted at them to pass the ball to me as I walked down the grass verge and one of them did, it was a lovely floated pass too. I volleyed it, the goalkeeper decided it was coming too quickly for him and dived out of the way, the heavy football went straight through the picture window with an almighty crash and the sound of falling glass. The players disappeared and silence afterwards was deafening but only for a short while. That volley cost me.

Jimmy pulls the trigger. Linocut in seven colours printed on 300gsm Arches 88 in an edition of twelve. Image size 290mm x 210mm. £75.00

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