The Terrier cards

Another, later Christmas card this time from 2008. Our two Jack Russell Terriers Minnow and Rufus chasing one another through the frost and snow by a Berkshire Pond on a freezing and bitterly cold winter’s day with the sun just visible through the freezing fog. Minnow is at the front being pursued by Rufus. Something about extremes of weather seems to send the terriers that we’ve owned into a state of hyperactivity. Rufus, aka Ruffe, was in fact a Jack Russell/Border Terrier cross and he was seventeen and a half when he died in 2012 and Minnow was almost twelve when she died in 2018. Happy days and sad days, part of the pleasure and pain of owning dogs. The horizontal line is the crease for folding the card and there’s a red pike float just visible off the first bed of reeds and rushes.

Frost, fog and speed. Linocut printed in six colours on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Brilliant White HP in an edition of sixty. Image size 200mm x 300mm

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