Angling and watery landscapes

About ten years ago Jeff Barrett, one of three founders of the blog and website Caught by The River asked me if I would be interested in producing some maps that were to be ‘off the wall’ as maps go, a totally different concept of a map. Eventually I think I cut and printed a total of thirteen or fourteen maps in monochrome and each one was to accompany a specific chapter in the book ‘Caught by the river. A collection of words on Water’. I’ll post maybe half a dozen of them over the next month or so but I recommend the book to you and although it is out of print it is a very diverse and different read featuring authors such as Chris Yates, John Andrews, Dexter Petley, Irvine Welsh, Edwyn Collins and many others writing about some of the very diverse rivers and waterways of Great Britain.

The River Coquet. Map to accompany a chapter written by Chris Watson. Linocut printed in one colour on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Brilliant White HP.

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