Fenland prints

When you are out on the fen fishing the rivers, drains and dykes one of the constants are the birds. They’re in the sky, on the land, in the reeds, in the water, on the water and under the water. On the water one of your constant companions are the Great Crested Grebes and they’re birds that seem to be in a state of perpetual motion both above and below the surface. I love to see them re-appear thirty yards away from where they dived and bob up with a small roach or rudd in their beak, shaking it and then swallowing the small fish to top-up their energy banks. If there is a ripple on the surface of the water then the Grebes always look like the periscope of a submarine cutting through the surface. Three years ago I produced set of small greetings cards of grebe, heron, kingfisher, coot, waterhen and duck that were so popular that all of the stock have gone, there may be some odd ones left but thinking about it perhaps I should cut some blocks and print a completely new set. That will be another project to fill the spare time then.

Greater Crested Grebe. Greetings card 100mm x 100mm

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