Odds and sods, bits and pieces again

I know that I constantly bang on about sketch books but here’s an example of returning to drawing that was made, in this instance, in 1965. That fact alone is really is quite frightening. Anyway this subject, slag heaps, did have a run out as lithograph in the same year and I have a copy somewhere. Inevitably that copy is filed in the proverbial ‘safe place’ and as we all know that ‘place’ is like the ‘Bermuda Triangle’. No doubt the print will turn up in a couple of weeks exactly where I didn’t think it was and if it does I’ll add it to this post to complete the story. A couple of years ago I decided to rework the subject as part of a new series of prints on the old heavy industries of the North East, in this case mining, and it came out as a print entitled ‘Another day in paradise’. It was posted on 28 January 2019. One of the great things about sketch books as is that you see and reference a subject as one thing but when you look at it many years later you see it in a completely different way. Through different eyes you could say. So here’s the original drawing in the sketch book from all those years ago followed, underneath, by the later print with the landscape viewed through different and older eyes.

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