Angling and watery landscapes

Another map from the the book Caught by the river, A COLLEC TION OF WORDS ON WATER. On this occasion the map illustrates a chapter written by my good friend John Andrews, it’s a chapter about the River Lea entitled Babylon. The River Lea is the the river of the East End of London and the writing brings the history, anglers and geography of the river to life and, as always, I recommend that you find a copy of the book and read this chapter if no other. You are in for a real treat. As always the print is a linocut printed in monochrome and it shows an angler looking back at the Babylon-like City of London and East End skyline almost having a Dick Whittington moment as he returns to the station after a day on the River Lea knowing that there’s no more fishing for another working week.

Babylon. A map produced to accompany the chapter written by John Andrews. Linocut printed in monochrome on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Brilliant White HP.

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