North East Industrial Prints. Pigeon lofts, work in progress.

Last month a follower of my printmaking blog responded to a comment I made by saying that there’s nothing wrong with ‘going back to school’, so I have. The first proof shown above is a reworking of a sketch book drawing from the mid-sixties, the first state block that the proof was taken from is shown below the proof, there’s a fair bit more cutting still to be done and as it stands the cut is about sixty percent complete. One thing that has emerged from this exercise is how different my thought and analytical process was all those years ago; it’s comforting that I’ve been asking myself questions that I can’t answer because the information isn’t on the paper in the image that is the old drawing. My answer to this problem to rely on my memory, such as it is, and my imagination. So far this is the state of play and now I need to work out the colours, how many and where, and while applying the colours continue with the cutting work in parallel. Hopefully by next weekend the edition should be complete but don’t hold your breath.

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