Working on a different kind of art

I suppose you could call it a sort of ‘busman’s holiday’ because I’ve put down the cutting tools and picked up a brush but the brush is 4″ wide and I’m working on timber. To be precise it’s the timber of a fence that is forty eight yards long and six feet high, and both sides have to be painted too, so with the favourable weather I’ve taken the opportunity get on with the job and get it out of the way but I’m still not finished. However, there’s one thing about working on a project like this and that is that it gives you some contemplation and thinking time while you paint ever onwards along a fence that seems to be getting longer and not shorter no matter how much progress you make. Anyway, there’s going to be one more print in this series and that image has been drawn up on the block. And the next series? I haven’t a clue, obviously I haven’t painted enough of the fence yet.

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