Teesside industrial prints. Returning to the Black Path, a ‘progress’ report

Right, I’ve just about got the detailed key linoblock drawn up so that I can cut the key block that will provide me with all the reference points that I need for the registration of colours, I’ll worry about which colours and how many when this block is cut and ready to proof. I’ve scoured my old sketch books for more information on the subject but I just can’t find any more appropriate references so I’ve done what all sensible people do, I’ve ignored the problem and made it up. Now it’s on to the mega ‘linoblock cutathon’, no doubt it will make my hands and fingers ache but at the very least it’s therapy and with sharp tools too. Parts of the print will change as it comes together, or should I say hopefully comes together, but it should be a really entertaining exercise. Either for the masochist cutting it or the Boss watching me carving away. let’s see what next week brings.

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