A life with Jack Russell Terriers

Meet terrier number four, Barney. We re-homed him when he was five years old just after Rufus was put to sleep in 2012. I’ve posted two images, that on the left is the woodcut which I intend redoing as a portrait because having done the cut I realised that all of the other terrier images are portraits, strange how you get so absorbed with the cutting that you don’t realise you’ve dropped out of style and sequence. The image on the right is linocut of Barney as he appeared in my ‘Terrier Book’, see a much earlier sequence of posts from August 2019. His tan coloured pirate patch is on the wrong side because I did the original cut right way round so the print is the wrong way around, it still looks like him though and he makes a good Avatar. Barney does hold one record though and that’s for being the most benign Jack Russell we’ve ever had, and at fourteen and a half years old he’s never drawn blood from me, all the others let me know who was really in charge. So it’s still two cuts to do, a portrait of Barney and Lucie along with starting a trout fisherman’s fly box, that’ll be fun, and another industrial landscape from the North East. It’s going quiet then.

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