Boro football prints

Two very different prints on the theme of football. the first a Christmas card showing the Teesside landscape after a snowfall and a desolate fan, namely me, walking the two terriers Pike and Rufus on a council football pitch. The second was inspired by an experience Sue and I handout far from Newcastle. The pubs and clubs had tipped out at three o’clock and a game was under way on the local pitch. People arguing, rude gestures and confused terriers, basically fans watching a local team through beer goggles and they can’t tell the difference between the ball and the moon. The fact the the football strips portrayed are Middlesbrough and Newcastle is totally co-incidental.

The Pools Panel will sit. Linocut in six colours printed on 310gsm Magnani Litho White in an edition of 90. Image size 180mm x 180mm. Sold

Get your eyes tested. Linocut in eight colours printed on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Extra White HP in an edition of twelve. Image size 310mm x 390mm. £125.00

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