North East Prints

I’d taken Sue, my wife, on a drive into Bilsdale in the North Yorkshire Moors to show her where I’d spent a lot of my childhood on a farm there. We ended up looking at the farm from across the dale at the edge of St Hildas’ churchyard, the church being pretty well opposite where I lived. While we were standing there taking in the view we could see some really turbulent weather brewing to the north and east and there was no way that we were leaving the car more than a short scurry way from wherever we stood with the rumbling thunder and lightning flashes. While standing there I did a very quick small drawing of the church, a church I was sent to as a child every Sunday come rain or shine, snow or frost, fog or in fact absolutely any weather conditions. No excuses. The day that we were there was a Monday but had it been a Sunday it would have been infinitely more apocryphal so the title of the finished print was changed to ‘Stormy Sunday’.

Stormy Sunday. Lino cut in eight colours printed on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Extra White HP in an edition of twelve. Image size 300mm x 420mm. £110.00


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