The Terrier Cards

This is the very first Christmas card that I produced featuring our first Jack Russell Terrier called, appropriately enough, Pike. That was, I think, way back in 1995 the run was around twenty cards and they were produced in a rush at the last minute, well Christmas does creep up on you. The cards proved so popular that the various editions kept on increasing year on year until eighty was the longest print run with two separate cards being produced giving a total of well over one hundred hand-printed multi-coloured cards. Our Jack Russell, Pike, used to go fishing with me no matter what the weather was and if she got cold she used to curl up inside my wicker seat and sleep, warm up and set off ratting again. If the landing net was required she would ‘help’ landing the pike, barbel or chub and as you bent down to unhook the fish an al fresco shower was provided when she shook herself dry. The routine after packing up was always the same, we’d get back to the car and she’d jump into her cut-down cardboard box in the front passenger footwell, fling her blanket around, get comfy and bark at me to turn the engine on. A fishing companion that is still truly missed.

Pike. Fishing. Linocut Christmas Card printed in three colours on 300gsm Arches 88 in an edition of twenty. Image size 200mm x 170mm

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