Angling and watery landscapes

A further small linocut in the series used by the Medlar Press on the dust jackets of their ‘Medlar Fishing Anthologies’ the subject of the book on this occasion being ‘The River Prince – Favourite barbel stories’ compiled by Chris Yates. The linocut that was used on the dust jacket was printed in the same way as all of the others, by printing watercolour after the black, oil-based ink printing for the simple image on unsized watercolour paper water. Water colour was then added on the extra colour passes on the press. In the past I have fished for and caught barbel on the River Thames, the River Kennet and the Hampshire Avon and although I’ve landed barbel just into double figures the leviathans recorded in the book have escaped in me every way possible. Blank days, unable to get past smaller barbel and chub, and finally large barbel snagging me in some underwater obstruction and breaking my line. An anglers’ lot can be quite distressing at times especially when you dwell on the thoughts and memories of those big fish that got away. Other would simply call it routine operator incompetence.

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