Odds and sods, bits and pieces

A ‘make-ready’ masterpiece again, multiple type images printed and layered on top of one other that give an image that is totally unique and there’ll never be another one like it. The images are produced when checking the pressure and setting up the proofing press up to print type, mainly old Victorian wood letters, and I could never bear to throw the proof sheets away. They always remind me of typographic stained glass windows although some of the proofs that I have collected over the years, this one included, are fairly monochromatic. The very random and totally unplanned quality of all of the images appeals to me in the same way that some abstract art does. As I have said before I can see the colourful prints as stained glass, T-Shirt art, book covers and posters and ceramics. I have to say that I would really enjoy trying out all these different processes, applications and ideas but it’s all question of facilities and opportunities. So I’ll just stay with letterpress print-making and keep producing more make-ready proof sheets.

Make-ready Print. Letterforms. An edition of one.

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