Fenland prints

This print is a bit of a funny one, in fact it’s the story of a print from the initial rough sketch that was produced for approval through to the final proof. The print was a special request by a good friend’s son who left the interpretation to me and his intention is to use the image on an album cover, as an aside I’m told I shouldn’t describe it as a record or CD cover anymore. The final print is being digitally manipulated and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished piece when he returns from the USA where he is at University studying Music Engineering. Anyway, here are the three basic stages in reverse order starting with a finished proof, then the Lino block drawn up and being cut and finally the original scribbled idea. The brief for the prints was based on two Fenland agricultural workers enjoying a social occasion on their way home after work whilst warming themselves around a fire and enjoying a little therapeutic use of the local brew, probably home-made cider, in the shelter of a giant reed bed. Their little terrier looks unimpressed, just as the respective wives will be when the reprobates finally return home, probably the worse for wear. No doubt the little Jack Russell will be at fault when the blame marches down but he, or she, can look after themselves. Mind your ankles boys.

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