A work in progress

A print that began its life as the front cover illustration on the tenth anniversary edition of Waterlog magazine, a magazine about traditional angling. Sometime later I was asked if I had any spare prints to which I replied no, it was a total one-off, however I did have the original block and produced some more proofs of the ‘simple’ black and white print that is the basis of the finished image. The colouring is added after the ink is thoroughly dry and the medium used for the colouring is traditional Japanese Water Colour added with a sable brush. To achieve the required effect there are many thin layers of colour applied on top of one another but only when each colour is completely dry. The colouring is painstaking and time consuming work to put it mildly. No print is ever the same as the last one so the end product is a true ‘EV’ or ‘Edition Variable’. This particular print is going to a buyer who lives and works in Vienna and along with another more conventional print he has purchased it will be off on its European travels to Austria very early next week

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