North East industrial prints

Following the previously posted threads about using the humble sketch book and it being being a source of reference, record keeping and, perhaps most important of all, a magic book of memories I’ve gone back to a print that appeared on the blog way back in January 2019. The original sketchbook drawing was done on a trip to North Shields to buy some freshly landed fish at the fish quay. We’d both walked back up to the top of the hill with our two Jack Russell Terriers to have a last look the mouth of the River Tyne and I just stopped, looked at the view and quickly made the drawing in felt-tip pen as a wide landscape view across two pages of the sketchbook. Incidentally the plank of wood that was used for the woodcut came out of a skip near the pub in the background, serendipity or what? When we returned home I simply tidied up a damaged and split end on the plank, drew the image onto the wood and started cutting, amazingly I transposed the image on the block so that the final print was the right way round. The finished block was too big for the bed of my press so I burnished the image by hand, on a table, in two colours on Japanese tissue. So there you are; sketchbook, wood block and the finished print. As easy as that.

North Shields. Woodcut in two colours printed on Japanese Tissue. 600mm x 210mm


  1. John

    As a regular follower of the Two Terriers blog it has taken me a surprisingly long time to find this one. Having a copy of your Terriers Guide and a number of prints it is great to be able to follow the creative process from start to finish.



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    1. Thanks Martin, I did put a post up about the work moving to a new blog but that’s easy to miss! Interestingly a lot of people are interested in the process as much as the prints so I’ll find another one for next week. Also do a long post on the print I’m working on now. All the best, John


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