Angling and watery landscapes

Another map from the Caught by the River book Words on Water but on this occasion the featured chapter is all about the Helford River in Cornwall and is written by Peter Kirby and titled Palm Reading the Helford. The five major inlets of the river is where the inspiration for the hand came from and the concept perfectly fitted the title. The open hand and palm shows the route taken by our intrepid canoeist or, more specifically, kayaker. Since producing the map I have an unfulfilled plan to visit The Helford and see it for myself so intriguing is the chapter, obviously it would involve taking a fishing rod but no kayak because my wife says I swim like a sinking submarine. Personally I think that’s a bit harsh but with maybe just a passing element of truth. The route taken by our intrepid kayaker is clearly mapped out and if you have an Ordnance Survey map you can follow the route and exploration much more accurately than on the stylised map that illustrates the chapter. As far as I am concerned it’s one of the best chapters in the book, in fact I think I’m going to re-read it for probably the fourth time, with an accompanying glass of something. Now that really does seem like a plan and a proper armchair adventure.

The Helford River. Map to accompany the chapter written by Peter Kirby. Linocut printed in monochrome on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Brilliant White HP.

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