Fenland prints

After the Round Up, the last print in the series of four depicting the Fenland landscape, albeit in a rather random manner, through the seasons of the year. Strangely this print is inspired by the spraying of the weed growth in the early autumn after the harvest and before the planting cycle begins again. In the fields where cereals have been grown the farmers wait for the black grass to show and then lay it low before it can grow seed heads and cause really serious infestation and seeding problems. Years ago farmers would burn the stubble and chaff along with the grass seeds on the fields but that has been stopped because of air purity and safety concerns. Sadly the only way to control the Black Grass now is to spray Glyphosate in the form of Round-up. The weed killer turns the weeds, and the grass in particular, into a range of strange colours that are quite distinctive with the fields finally ending up a bizarre shade of post-harvest golden yellow. Then the dead plants are ploughed back into the land with the weed killer having broken down. This is the last print in the series but if we get a proper snowfall at some time during this winter I may well be tempted to produce another print just to complete the set.

After the Round Up. A linocut printed in ten colours on 300gsm Madrid Litho White in an edition of twelve. Size 300mm x 210mm.


    1. I hate to think how much is in the ground, now it is Round-up ready seed and plants. If Round-up is taken off the list the big Industrial sized farms will be stockpiling drums of it. I think it is almost Agent Orange… Many thanks for your support, it’s much appreciated. Best wishes, John


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