Odds and sods, bits and pieces

Another printed piece from my collection of make-ready proofs, random printings that simply build up with layer upon layer of colour and, as I’ve written before, they’re totally random and you simply get what you are given by the colours as they are added with each printing. When virtually all of your other work is carefully ‘planned’ there is a real charm and pleasure surrounding the happy accident in terms of colour, juxtaposition, overprinting and the finished effect. The big question is just when is the printing finished? In truth a purely arbitrary decision and in my case it’s usually when the sheet is almost at the point breaking up because it is so heavy with ink. These random and colourful works of art, well they are in my eyes, are just delightful pieces of serendipity and are, in a way, useful teaching aids for your self. The reality is that you could cut up a 30″ x 20″ sheet such as this one into 5″ squares and you’d have twenty-four mini-masterpieces and everyone completely different. There you are, an art thought for the week.

Make-ready print. Letterform and image. An edition of one.

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