A work in progress

I’ve just made a start to the new series of prints featuring the countryside where I live, the West Norfolk Fenland. This is the first of the series and there’s probably three more colours to add to it. So much for the prints in the series being simple two or three colour prints then, ah well the best laid plans and all that. Never mind it’ll keep me busy, at the moment I can’t fish any of my favourite venues because the rivers and drains are raging torrents and the water is the colour of some kind of ghastly brown soup, so tomorrow I’ll be out with camera and sketchbook gathering the reference material for more of the prints that will appear in the series. As the Boss says, ‘it keeps you out of trouble’, not that I ever get into any kind of trouble because I never have the time. The real message of this post is watch this space because the print will be finished by Friday next week. At least it will be in a finished state as long as I don’t get discouraged or frustrated and toss it in the bin of course. Anyway here it is, the unfinished print on the press with the block and below is a pair of prints in the drying rack.

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