Odds and sods, bits and pieces

Another new linocut is now well underway, well it’s worked out and drawn up but I’m waiting for some new lino to be delivered so that I can cut the colour blocks that I print first. You can’t beat organisation and I really must develop some. Anyway, this post features another piece of make-ready looking like a stained glass window, possibly dedicated to that saint of serendipity, ‘St. Happy Accident’. I absolutely love these prints and all of the built-up layers of colour, needless to say I’ve got dozens of them in plans chest drawers and old portfolios that I simply cannot bear to part with. You could crop any part or section out of them and get a beautiful image and yet I’ve still got to find a use for them. I’m sure that I will find a use one day but the only problem is that I am still producing make-ready prints with every print that I do although the new ones are images and not letterforms.

Make-ready print. Letterforms. Edition of one.

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