Angling and watery landscapes

I’m afraid that the latest landscape print is still a work in progress so the finished work will have to wait until next week consequently this weeks post features another one of the maps from the book Caught by the river, A COLLECTION OF WORDS ON WATER. The chapter featured here is written by Jon Savage and is entitled Way Across the River. The river in question being the River Thames. The journey starts at Westminster Pier and follows the river through the East End to the estuary and the Isle of Sheppey and the Isle of Harty. The East End holds a kind of dark magic so the map is depicted in the beams of the dipped headlights of a Mk.2 Jaguar, the car of choice for the East End and London villains. It was also the model of car that Jon Savage drove on the journey described in the chapter and strangely it was also the car of choice for Inspector Morse in the television detective series, although in the books I think he originally drove a Lancia. Anyway the chapter has very little angling, if any, and I’m sure that the people who fished the old docks in East End were wearing concrete wellington boots and fishing on the bottom of the dock.

Way Across The River. A map produced to accompany the chapter written by Jon Savage. Linocut printed in monochrome on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Brilliant White.


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