Angling and watery landscapes

A new print in the West Norfolk landscape series is now underway and I’ve just printed the first colour, so for this post I’ll publish an old family Christmas card. Why not, it is April after all. The subject is sea fishing for cod, at night, from a rock scar somewhere on the coast of the North East of England. I used to love night fishing with my father when I was young, just pre-teens I suppose, it always seemed very exciting the with ships with all their lights on entering the mouth of the River Tees or leaving for some super exotic part of the world. Even when sport was quiet the excitement was almost tangible and if you caught a cod, or even had a bite, the excitement was almost uncontrollable for an eleven or twelve year old. Then there was the meal that was to come when the night’s catch was cooked. The finished print was used for the dust jacket of a book by Simon Smith called Running with the Tide and it’s a brilliant read no matter what kind of angling you enjoy.

Cod and Ships. A linocut printed in six colours on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Brilliant White in an edition of 45. Image size 210mm x 150mm approx.


  1. This is great work John… I love the way you carve, the crisscrossing of shapes, colors at the feet of the fisherman… and the yellow light on the fishes… wow! I am afraid that soon I will have no more adjectives left to praise your prints!


    1. Francois, You are very kind, thank you. There’s more to come and the new prints are more complex too in terms of colour and cutting. many thanks, stay safe and well. Best wishes, John


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