Fenland prints

I’ve just finished this print and it seems to be a metaphor for the times that we are living in. The subject is an old Victoria Plum tree in one of the orchards that I walk through with our two Parson Jack Russell Terriers almost every day. The tree is on the end of a row of mixed plum varieties and at first sight I thought that it had taken a lightning strike but it still has bark on it so I think it has simply fallen victim to old age, but then don’t we all. I’m not totally happy with the print it so I may well re-work it, possibly in monochrome, however the Boss likes it and she loves the unusual colours that don’t show up to well in my photograph. The tree itself looks like the perfect vantage point for the Kestrels, Sparrow Hawks, Falcons and Owls that patrol the orchard but you never see any kind of bird perched in it, not even a pigeon, why I do not know. It would yield some fantastic firewood if it was logged and split and equally some of the trunk wood would be a wood-turners delight, however, I think it will just fall where it stands.

Victoria’s end. A linoprint in seven colours printed on 300gsm Madrid Litho White in an edition of ten. Image size 200mm x 300mm approximately. £150.00


  1. That’s lovely, John… I wonder why no bird will sit there? I know a couple of trees like that. Curious. Hope you’re well, Gazza


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