Angling and watery landscapes

I’m working on another new print in the West Norfolk Fenland series and it’s underway but the application and method of the printing the colour is going to demand some experimentation so it may well be couple of weeks before it is finished, anyway here’s a little bit of Christmas nostalgia in the interim. For many years I used to go pike fishing on Boxing Day and before that if there was a home game at Ayresome Park I would always go to see Middlesbrough play, usually that event would ruin Christmas. Then family arrived and a whole new routine came into play over the festive break. The print shown on this post is another family Christmas card and the angler, namely me, is pike fishing in company with our first Jack Russell Terrier who was called Pike, on a day with ice forming in the margins and cold wind blowing. It’s worth adding that she was a Jack Russell who really could sit still for hours, well she could if the mood was upon her but she never strayed too far if the mood wasn’t. There’s another nod to nostalgia with the red and white scarf and knitted hat, essential accessories for the serious football supporter all those years ago. The card itself was a complete wrap around hence the vertical fold running through the image.

Boxing Day Pike. A linocut in printed in six colours on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Brilliant White HP. Image size approximately 150mm x 290mm.

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