Fenland prints

Here’s the latest in my series of Fenland landscapes and it may well be the last in the series too. The landscape shows a typical view in the West Norfolk Fenland in late spring. The yellow water lilies are just beginning to appear in the drains where the water from one angle can seem dark and forbidding and from another clear with layer of pollen dusting the surface of the water. The other ever present at this time of the year is the oilseed rape showing a up as a vivid yellow before it peaks and the petals fall leaving the fat seed pods behind to ripen and be harvested. The banks at the side of the drain have been trimmed and are bright green but the old dry Norfolk Reed is still standing in the margins with new shoots growing and using the old reed like a support. The one thing missing, because it has a different season, is the Linseed and that blue would be a real addition to the colours of the landscape. This year we’ve been blessed with blue skies, sometimes cloudless, throughout a drought and the only white up there in the sky are the odd small contrails from the RAF Typhoons and the F15s from USAF 48th Fighter Wing at RAF Lakenheath as they tumble around the sky turning fuel into noise. For obvious reasons there are no passenger aircraft contrails at all. My apologies for the quality of the photograph, the printed colours are so bright that they have almost become fluorescent in the camera. I really must try harder.

Water lilies, reeds and rape. A linocut in eleven colours in an edition of ten printed on 300gsm Madrid Litho White. Image area 300mm x 215mm approximately. £150.00

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