Collected Fenland landscapes

Here’s a family get-together in the form of the last series of prints of my local landscape pulled together as a virtual exhibition, well it saves on the framing costs and I can’t get any framing done anyway. Now I have to start a new set of prints but the debate that I’m having with myself, and the Boss, is precisely what direction to take in the next series. I’m obsessed with the Fenland landscape, the changing colours of the crops and seasons and the changes of colour and texture when the land itself is worked and cultivated in preparation for the next year’s crops by the farmers throughout the year. The farming in the West Norfolk Fenland is pretty well all arable; wheat, barley, some oats, rape, potatoes and sugar beet, then there are the specialist vegetable growers producing everything you see in your kitchen on a vast and industrial scale. Some families do keep poultry but that’s mainly on a personal use basis for eggs and a few local butchers do keep cattle, sheep and pigs but livestock farming is seldom seen Fenland because arable farming rules. Anyway here’s the collected set of nine prints on display and exhibition in the virtual gallery of the blog and internet. Right it’s time for a decision, what subject is going to be next?

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