North East industrial prints

I’ve decided to carry out a little bit of blog housekeeping over the next couple of weeks and part of the plan is that wherever I have posted two prints together in the past I’ve decided to change the pages to show only a single image and description. It’s a bit of dusting and polishing or a minor digital spring clean you might say. Inevitably the source for this linocut was one of my old art school sketchbooks, I used to set off on my racing bike and find new areas to draw and on this occasion it was some miners who’d been working on their respective allotments that backed on to the pit where they all worked or that they had retired from, as far as I remember the pit was north of Hartlepool in the area around Castle Eden but don’t hold me to the accuracy of that dip into the memory bank. Inevitably there was a Jack Russell Terrier there who’d obviously been hard at work helping to look after the cabbages, sprouts, beans, leeks, onions and maybe chrysanthemums or dahlias, well rats can turn up anywhere and a specialist needs to be on hand.

Allotments and pit. A linocut in four colours printed on 250gsm Arches 88 in an edition of ten. Image size approximately 200mm x 300mm. £120.00

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