Fenland prints

On my part this is an unintentional and unplanned journey back to last winter, as always I have utilised references from old observational drawings of the Fens in the area where I live. Even on Tuesday morning we had thick early fog that drifted away leaving us with a hot and exceptionally muggy day so I suppose that had it been January or February it really would have been ‘fog, snow later’ in the weather forecast. I do love those old derelict and decrepit cottages that sit in the landscape seemingly observing life as it rolls by. I am sure that they used to house agricultural workers and smallholders in the old days but now they are slowly disappearing as nature, with the help of the weather, claims them back. The old buildings have a real sense of time and atmosphere and there’s no doubt that within a few years this old dwelling will have become roofless. The elder, sycamore saplings and brambles, along with the other bushes and plants will be growing through the floor and up through the collapsed ceilings to push the tiles out of the way. However there is a feeling of a presence there.

Fog, snow later. Linocut printed in ten colours on 300gsm Madrid Litho White in an edition of ten. Image area 300mm x 200mm approximately. £150.00

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