Boro football prints

One of Middlesbrough’s exotic signings from Central America. This print features the centre forward Hamilton Ricard on his return to pre-season training. Apparently he has a small weight problem but he still needs to fulfil his craving for some proper fish and chips, something he’s missed during his close season break back home in Colombia. So it’s cod and chips, a battered pineapple ring, a battered saveloy and a portion of scraps all cooked in beef dripping and of course served beautifully with salt and vinegar in the Sports Gazette. Perfect. Joking apart I once saw him playing for Boro against Tottenham Hotspur and he was utterly unplayable, if I remember rightly he scored two goals and terrified the Spurs team, and their supporters, every time that he got hold of the ball. Happy memories. Anyway here he is down the town at the Silver Grid satisfying his craving. Well, you wouldn’t you.

Hamilton Ricard buys fish and Chips. A linoprint in five coloursprinted on300gsm Fabriano Artistico Extra White HP in an edition of twenty. Image size 220mm x 300mm approximately. £150.00

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