Our first Jack Russell Terrier

I haven’t cut a woodblock in anger for fifteen years or more having concentrated on lino cutting. So I’ve decided, as a bit of a challenge, to cut a series of small blocks of all five of the Jack Russell Terriers that we’ve owned over the last twenty seven years or so. On the other hand maybe it’s the other way round and they own you. Anyway here’s the first of them, she was called Pike and when we got her she was so small that she could sleep in my shoe. She was always a small dog with a huge attitude, she was the last of the litter to be sold so she’d had to learn to look after herself and woe-betide any other dog or person who crossed her. They would get the hundred yard stare with the gimlet eyes and then she launched. She was a fishing dog who would spend all day with me on the riverbank ‘helping’, landing a barbel or any fish was no joke because she would try to get into the landing net. Pike was a rowing mascot and she loved the river, she was the scourge of rats from Berkshire to Teesside and Northumberland and on to Snowdonia and the Mawdach estuary. She also loved travelling in the car, distance was no object, fastened in with her safety belt a journey was a major adventure. Sixteen years on and I still miss her, but then it’s no different with any of the terriers we’ve had in the past.

Pike. A four colour woodcut printed on 300gsm Madrid Litho White in an edition of ten. Image size 80mm x 124mm approximately. £50.00


  1. Very nice John, As the proud owner of “Observation and A Guide to the Jack Russell Terrier” I thought I knew Pike well. But of course she only appears from “behind” so to speak and so its nice to see those eyes. The eyes of death if you were a rat!



    1. Thanks Martin, She was a real character and a bit ‘still-waters run deep’. Always great company. I’m working on a new print and a woodcut of Rufus, our second terrier. Before we built a porch at Sandhurst her domestic pleasure was to wait watching the letterbox for fingers as you know from the book. She was always a dreadful cadger. Once on the Kennet she ate an anglers bait, Luncheon Meat, and he never heard or saw her. He was about one hundred yards away and we both heard him cursing when he went for his bait. Stay safe, John


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