Fenland prints

Belatedly, and typically, I’m still doing my well intentioned big ‘spring clean’ of the blog so the image on this post nothing new but it’s definitely an original. The little cottage that is the subject of the print is now someone’s holiday home but it is always known as the ‘Doctor’s house’, now it belongs to his son although it is seldom visited and is beginning to look a little derelict. The small bungalow sits at the head of a drainage dyke that runs along the eastern edge of a huge field. Just as elsewhere in Fenland the landscape constantly changes depending on the weather conditions and light. When we are gifted with one of those thermo-nuclear Fenland sunsets the unfolding and developing light show can be quite fantastic, the dyke reflecting the sky becomes a strange flare path that is almost disassociated from the landscape. Meanwhile everything else that is in view gradually changes to silhouettes and seems to solidify as darkness really settles in.

Flarepath. A linocut printed in seven colours on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Extra White Hot Pressed in an edition of ten. Image area 295mm x 210mm. Sold out.


  1. John. One of your best. Although in this house we probably prefer ‘Night Lights’.
    As my daughter pointed out when she sure it, part of your Van Gough phase. For me I think Don McLean!




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