Angling and watery landscapes

Another map from the book Caught by the River A COLLECTION OF WORDS ON WATER, this time for the chapter titled River at the end of Autumn written by Chris Yates. Chris was worried about showing the location of his favourite fishing places on the Dorset Stour so I decided to describe the river as a vapour trail in the evening sky up above the Stour valley as Chris looks back at the landscape of his favourite river, soaking up the moment, the view, and recent memory of an enjoyable evening of quill watching. I loved creating the entire series of ‘maps’ and the book itself still gives me great pleasure when I dip into it. Well, thinking logically or is it literally, you simply have to dip into a book all about rivers and water.

River at the end of Autumn. A map produced to accompany the chapter written by Chris Yates. A linocut printed in monochrome on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Brilliant White.

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