Fenland prints

This week’s post is something just a little bit different, I’ve been experimenting with some new ways of applying ink to the blocks and hand-in-hand with those experiments I have been looking at different ways of working the surface of the lino with cutting tools and chemicals. I cut the key block for this print really quickly, almost as if I was drawing the subject in a sketchbook, to give the feeling of speed in the printing process and whether it works or not is a different debate. Anyway this is the first experimental print utilising some of the new techniques, new to me anyway. The chosen subject, which allowed for a little artistic license, is a derelict timber framed bungalow out on a desolate and lonely fen, somebody looks as if they have made a half hearted start at restoration or is it renovation, although the work seems to have stalled. The saving grace is that quite a large drain runs right past it, within casting distance of the front door but despite that attraction for an angler it would seem that demolition, or burning the building down, would be a better solution than renovation. The building is a Fenland derelict, just like me really, although it may be slightly older. But now it’s time to apply some of the lessons learned here to a new series of small landscape prints and complete the woodcuts of the jack Russell Terriers we’ve lived with. Eyes down and looking.

Benwick derelict. A linocut in nine colours printed on 300gsm Madrid Litho White in an edition of ten. Image size approximately 310mm x 215mm. £150.00

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