North East industrial prints

One of a series of three linocuts that were produced and printed with a very original and nostalgic approach for Old Town. Old Town are situated in the North Norfolk town of Holt and if you are in the area they are well worth a visit for some good old fashioned service along with some stylish and durable made-to-measure clothing. In this swiftly produced print are three old boys on their way to the Workingmen’s Club for a Sunday lunchtime pint. Or two. The man with the motor cycle combination, loosely a BSA Gold Star, is obviously riding a left hand drive version but I put the sidecar on the wrong side to show the allotment gardening tools and the Jack Russell Terrier. No doubt the rider has got some Dahlias, Chrysanthemums or Gladioli to keep the Boss happy when he gets back home for his Sunday Dinner late and smelling of Players Navy Cut cigarette smoke and beer but at least his dinner won’t be in the dog. Then after presenting the flowers he eats his dinner and goes to sleep on the couch. Snoring. Then in the evening takes the dog for a walk. To the Club.

Sunday, after the Allotment. Linocut in four colours printed on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Brilliant White. Image size approximately 310mm x 220mm.

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