Odds and sods, bits and pieces

I’m going to excuse this image by saying that this post was going to be a print one day but despite all of my good intentions I have never got round to turning it into a print. It is in fact a Valentine that I drew for the Boss in 1969, it’s a pen and ink drawing based, somewhat roughly, on London SE24 where I used to live in the late sixties after leaving art school. I used smooth white Opaline paper that carried the ink from the fine Rapidograph and old-fashioned mapping pen beautifully. As I said my idea was to turn the image into a either a silk screen or a photo etching but, as they say, the path to hell is paved with good intentions. Anyway now it’s framed and it hangs on our bedroom wall. Just as an aside where did all of those fifty one years go to? Time is very, very sneaky the way it gets past you and you barely notice. Right, now it’s back to some new linocuts.

London SE24. Pen and ink drawing in monochrome on white Opaline paper. Image area 630mm x 360mm approximately.

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