Odds and sods, bits and pieces

This print, ‘Pike at the mill’, was drawn, cut and printed very early on in my linocutting career and before I bought my New Improved Albion Press. The commission was very specific about what had to appear in it , so much so that I tend to think of it as a commercial illustration rather than a print in the purest sense. I was also at the very beginning of a personal printmaking road that I’ll never ever get to the end of and the brief did in a way hinder expression but as I always say you always learn something from every print you create whether you like it or not, or whether it was a success or not. Perversely, and despite what I think, this is the only print remaining from an edition of twelve so a few people must have liked it, even if I can’t understand why.

Pike at the mill. A linocut in printed nine colours with hand colouring on 250gsm Somerset White Cartridge.

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