A work in progress, progressing

Slowly but surely the cutting has reached the stage of a first proof with still more cutting to follow that will, hopefully, be tidying and finessing the block after this first proof. The image at the top left is the block itself cut to first proof stage, at the top centre the proof and block on the press and at top right is the first proof. Bottom left shows a proof on tissue overlaid on a proof of the first colour so that I can check registration and see how the composition is coming together. While I’m printing and progressively adding the other colours to the print, probably five more, I’ll cut into the line block and that will when the cutting is finished be the block used for the detailed final printing. Following this print there will be at least two more versions of this same landscape and composition inspired by different weather conditions, seasons and times of day. So, as I wrote previously, you’ll simply have to watch this space.


  1. Stunning… Was sat by a row of trees like that today, John… Didn’t catch a thing. The wind was in my face all day and my eyes are sore. But I loved it… I hope the perch are being kind to you this season- Gazza


    1. Good to hear from you Gareth, I can’t get near perch for jack pike, there must have been a bumper spawning a few years ago. Livebait and it’s pike. Worm it’s jack pike. Maggot it’s jack pike. And even bread it’s jack pike, usually on the retrieve. I’ve no doubt they’re providing food for the bigger pike and I had a pike a few weeks ago weighing 25lb 9ozs after it returned a couple of bream and a couple of roach, one of which swam off. It’s on the two terriers site if you want to look. I’ll be out next week using some new perch floats a friend made for me, one yellow and one red.

      The trees are a labour of love but the series will be interesting when it’s finished and I’ve just cut and folded fifty Christmas cards on a piking theme with my two Jack Russells in there too. Stay safe and good to hear from you. All the best, John


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