Fenland prints. Work in progress finished

Poplars. A linocut printed in eight colours on 350gsm Madrid Litho White in an edition of ten. Image size 310mm x 220mm approximately. £175.00.

The work-in-progress has now become a finished print and the first of a series of three or maybe four prints using the same subject matter and blocks. I’m not totally happy with this, the first version but the Boss, my sternest critic, loves it and she’s told me off for being a pain in the arse. Fair enough I say, you can’t argue with the truth. Below are the progressive printed images that followed last weeks post and the images in the group show the next four stages in the printing process. At top left the addition of the ochre yellow printing followed by the green of the winter wheat. This is followed at the bottom left by the printing of the key detailed block and the addition of the pale yellow on the horizon. Then at bottom right the double printing, two colours printed at the same time, of the small areas of green in the copse and orange of the far reeds. Now it’s onwards to two more versions of this block to complete the set of three, I have a rough idea in my mind of what they’ll be but things have a habit of changing as they develop, as in I change my mind or have what I think is a better idea.

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