Fenland prints. You learn from accidents

This is a happy accident really, a test print that combines two Fenland prints, well it combines all of one reject and a single printing from another. This print is simply a make-ready sheet that I thought was really interesting, a little bit of serendipity if you like. I had kept one copy of a previous print where the registration had wandered, in truth it’s more likely that I made the mistake when feeding sheet of paper onto the press. Anyway I wanted to test the pressure before printing onto the fuchsia sky on ‘Poplars’ and out came this very interesting result. Because it was throwaway print I didn’t worry too much about the result but upon closer examination there were some interesting colour manipulations and results that really were arrived at because of a happy accident. There are overprints of colours that I have to admit I would normally never try but in this case it really is an enhanced learning process so the lesson is keep spare prints and try anything on them, you’ve nothing to lose and the bonus is that you teach yourself applications without taking a risk. After Christmas I’ll put a collage of prints together to further illustrate what I’m rambling on about, a picture being worth a thousand words. However, I do like that series of greens in the middle of the print.

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