Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy 2021 to everyone

Best wishes to all of the readers of my print blog, and especially to all of my followers, for a Happy Christmas and a truly safe and healthy 2021. The New Year really has to be better year than 2020. Well, I think that ‘normal’ would be more than sufficient for all of us whatever that might turn out to be. As much as you are able, enjoy yourselves, make prints and go pike fishing. Good health to everyone.

Cold. The family Christmas card featuring me going pike fishing and our two Parson Jack Russell Terriers hindering me. Printed in an edition edition of fifty on 350gsm Madrid White Litho.


  1. Thank you John all the best to you and “her in the turret”! Fishing this year has been abysmal and limited and I wonder if I will keep my enthusiasm going after my local club seems to have lost another river stretch.



    1. Martin, good to hear from you, I don’t have the club problems but the steep banks on the drains are lethal it’s so wet. It’s either mud or very slippery grass and the replacement knees and old hips mean I’m not as nimble as I used to be, that’s an understatement. The club I was member of had some estate lakes but they built pitches with slabs and timber then found out that they had liability because of their work so the fees jumped up. Daft really. I will get out this week, probably Friday or Thursday but I’ve lost the mojo a bit too. Anyway stay safe and all the best to you and your family. Have a good one and a happy new Year. John and ‘er in the turret.


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