The Christmas frame-up.

A couple of pieces of work sent to me by satisfied customers. first of all ‘The Float Box’ a print sent all the way to Georgia to a lady called Lisa who purchased the print as a Christmas present for her husband Chris. They were both delighted with the present and they obviously couldn’t wait for a Christmas Day surprise opening after fighting the frame out of the stocking. Then a series of prints incorporating a Christmas card from a lot of years ago that was overtaken by a disaster. The original card that featured our two terriers Ruffe and Pike, sadly now both deceased, was lost or damaged in some accident so I sent a spare and now ‘A Ruffe, no Grayling and a bored Pike’ are preserved for a lifetime in a new frame. Even my Compliments Slip with the linocut of Pike, our very first Jack Russell Terrier, has been framed. Another Fenland Christmas Card, ‘Piking on Pophams’ is a part of the display too.

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