Fenland Prints. The Poplars are finished

The last print in the series, a nighttime subject is finished and the series of three completed. I learnt a lot producing the series but as always I’m not entirely happy with it, no doubt the Boss will tell me to stop being such a miserable old bugger but Wintry Showers finishes the series. Now to move on to a new series of Fenland landscapes that will be different subjects and definitely a simpler use of colour in the prints. The most intriguing aspect of the project has been the small discoveries about colours, texture and finishes and also the effects and interplays of matt and gloss finishes. Inevitably you look at the finished prints and think if only I had done this or printed that this way but the lesson is to move on and try and apply those things that have been learnt on new and different prints and projects. So, what is the next project going to be? Inevitably it will be the Fenland landscape but seen in a different way and to be honest I really haven’t got a clue so we’ll just have to see what develops. Below, the main image is the finished final print of the ‘Poplars’ series and below that are all of the series of three collected together in order of production.

Wintry Showers. A linocut printed in five colours on 350gsm Madrid Litho White in an edition of ten. Image size 300mm x 215mm approximately. £175.00


  1. I like the first most but the last one is excellent, too. Fasinating how different the 1st and last could be – and from the same lino. Amazing. Up the Boro!


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