Fenland prints. On the skyline

Pumping station. A linocut printed in four colours on 350gsm Madrid White Litho in an edition of ten. Size approximately 150mm x 150mm. £50.00

This time the subject is a Victorian pumping station with a chimney that you can see for miles across the Fen, the pumping station would originally have been powered by a coal fired boiler that supplied the heat for a steam driven pump and I suppose that system finally gave way to diesel power and then that in turn was superseded by electricity and remote control. The pumping station is now redundant but occasionally enthusiasts fire it up and give it a short demonstration run. oBut times change and now there are sensors on the drains that constantly monitor water levels and communicate remotely with the pumps to maintain water levels. I know when I’ve been out on the fen pike fishing the water will suddenly start to move and just as suddenly stop and I assume that is the computerised water management system doing its work independently of the hand of man. Oh, and since the Pumping station on the skyline I’ve put the print at the top, creative thinking or what?

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