Fenland prints. On the skyline

Pale Horse. A linocut printed in six colours on 350gsm Madrid White Litho in an edition of ten. Image area 150mm x 150mm approximately. £50.00

This time a slightly different interpretation of the theme ‘on the skyline’, one that involves a trip out of what is euphemistically known as ‘the comfort zone’. In West Norfolk, and other parts of the country, you see a lot of lonely horses tethered by roads and in copses but this pale horse was one of three or four grazing on some fenced pasture that covered part of the One Hundred Foot Drain embankment not that far from Ely and Littleport. The horses had a weather shelter as well as some rich grazing and this almost apparition-like horse stood out like a sore thumb and got herself into the skyline series of prints. Goodness knows what subject will come next: sheep, hens or cattle? Either way if any of those creatures do turn up I’ll be pushed even further out of my comfort zone.

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